When should you use the new mini-credits?

The new mini-credits have become popular in recent years within our country thanks to how practical and comfortable they are. But do the Spaniards really know what these fast online financing services should be used for?

Most citizens know about these instant financing services but they are not clear when they should use them and when they should not. In this article, we are going to recommend you in which situations you should use them and in what situations.

What are new mini-credits?

What are new mini-credits?

As the name suggests, they are small loans of money that are used in a timely manner and are returned in a short space of time.

The requirements to apply for a new mini credit are quite simple to meet: be a Spanish resident with an identity document that verifies it, have a bank account in your name and have a mobile phone also in your name. With these requirements and some more depending on the lender company with which you make your request, you will have enough to be able to access this financing.

One of the main benefits that the client obtains when applying for this type of financing is that, as the entire online process takes place, you do not need to travel, queue or wait for a response.

New minicredit companies are increasingly responsible for making the application process and signing of the contract as simple, effective and safe as possible. In this way, today, with a simple smartphone and 15 minutes available we can get the money we need by being entered into our account.

What should a new mini-credit be used for?

What should a new mini-credit be used for?

As we have already mentioned, the new mini-credits are designed to solve situations of lack of immediate liquidity and in a timely manner. There are many situations in which it can be sensible and useful to request a mini credit instantly, but there are also those in which it should never be done.

Situations in which it is desirable to request a mini-credit

The typical situations in which we may need a quick loan are those that require an immediate solution and which we can not face at that precise moment with our capital.

Some of the most common examples are the breakdown of a vehicle, the breakage of a basic household appliance in the home, a traffic ticket, unforeseen trips or some kind of punctual expense that we can not face at that time, such as the return to school, the car insurance receipt, etc.

Any of these situations requires an immediate action, because it is not possible to wait for the next salary to come to face them. Therefore, these fast-financing companies are best suited to help solve these unforeseen events.

You can get the money you need to save the situation in a matter of minutes and when you receive the next payroll or another type of income return it comfortably and easily. So not only overcome the unexpected, but also avoid bad drinks for not having the money to get out of step.

Situations in which you should not request a mini-credit

In all that situation in which you do not have the security of being able to face the payment of the loan it is totally inadvisable. Do not forget that a financial product carries responsibilities; If you request a credit you must have the maximum security that you can face the return of the amount when the term expires.


From Bonsai Finance we remind you that new mini-credits are not a method to earn income, so you can not count on them every month. They are loans that you must manage responsibly and only in a timely manner to get out of a small financial hole that your family economy may suffer.